rainbow rays

In the afternoon on Sunday there was the most amazing full rainbow over the beach!!. If only my lens was a little wider angle ….I couldn’t quite fit it all in.:-) but didnt want to miss a second changing lenses …..What a special few moments :-))

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lazy pelicans

Whilst wandering over the weekend along Dee Why Lagoon, I noticed it had been drained by the large large tides, which is unusual as it usually has water over 80% of it . The bird life is incredible when this happens , with many species taking advantage of the shallow waters for some easy fishing…..all except for this group of lazy pelicans :-) They were pretty happy to ignore me , wander less than a metre & go back to sleep again…sort-of :-)  hard to ignore those big yellow eyes keeping an eye on things!

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swirling skies

On the road  home from Canberra , there was a fantastic swirling sunrise this week …so I just had to stop a few times to take a picture or two.   I love this spot with the silhouettes of wintery bare trees against the morning sunrise along the Federal highway :-)

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Kosciuszko snowy ranges

Yet another awesome weekend in Snowy Mountains in Kosciuszko National Park  for the end of winter….beautiful weather and the views over the ranges are hard to resist. It just makes skiing amazing :-) …and there’s still enough snow around to have some fun :-)))

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monochrome snow

There were fantastic clouds over the snowy’s last weekend which looked perfect for some monochromatic shots whilst skiing in Perisher Valley. The swirling clouds looked fantastic over snowy ridges :-)

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blue bird days

You have to love blue bird snow days :-) It has been a really great season at the Australian snow this year , so this is making the most of it …. loving the views over the snowy mountain ranges . Not quite as dramatic as the Alps but beautiful in its own Australian way:-)

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watching waves

Whilst taking photos of the waves , there were also opportunities to observe others watching the waves:-)

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