swell surfers

There was also some local surfing talent out last week, making the most of the swell off Dee Why point .What better way to spend a Saturday morning 🙂

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Super swell

There was some amazing waves last week , so here’s a few beautiful green waves to kick off my posts again. It has been a while since Ive been here , so welcome back 🙂

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extreme weather

This morning’s news was pretty disturbing with 2 severe tropical cyclones tracking over Northern Australia . This is a  unique day in history where there are 2 extreme weather fronts hitting at the same time.

Cyclone Lam over NT -Category  4 and Cyclone Marcia- Category 5 over north QLD.

Category 4: Typical wind gusts over open flat land of 225 — 279kmh, capable of causing roofing loss and structural damage, dangerous airborne debris, caravans destroyed and blown away.

Category 5: Typical wind gusts of more than 280kmh, capable of causing extremely dangerous widespread destruction.


My thoughts are with all the people in these areas this morning.. a very frightening experience for all involved.

for more info check out  the news :http://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/wild-weather-hits-queensland-and-northern-territory-as-cyclone-marcia-and-cyclone-lam-attack/story-e6frflp0-1227224925218







checkout the images from the NASA radar this morning:








Shoalhaven Gorge – kayaking

These are few images from the weekend on an overnight kayaking trip up the Shoalhaven river through the beautiful Shoalhaven Gorge in Morton National Park, NSW.

The trip starts at Tallowa Dam near Kangaroo Valley and the paddle is through calm waters starting at the dam wall up into the gorge. It is 15km one way paddle to Fossickers flat & then a return 15km paddle on the next day.

All camping gear fits into kayaks to camp at the end along the river banks . It is a very enjoyable relatively easy calm water paddle. The view is amazing where you are  surrounded by high cliffs and dense great rainforest for most of the paddle .

This is a great weekend out for enjoying the river , wildlife and nature 🙂









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Silhouette surfers

This morning had the most lovely sunrise with perfect reflections in the lagoon and surfers posing in front of the large ball of the rising sun.

It was just the perfect setup for a few more silhouette shots which are my favourite  🙂

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Looming Storm clouds

Yesterday there was the most amazing heavy clouds I have seen in a while. They were dark and looming on one side , and the sun was bright & rising on the other. Such a contrast!

Pelicans flying over with an eerie glowing heavy cloud backdrop was an added bonus 🙂

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Rust II

A few more rusty old huts in the mountains . Love the colours & textures 🙂

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